• ONE Employee Record. ONE Interface. ONE System.

    ONE System that can handle your payroll, timekeeping, and HR software needs!
    PLUS, you get real service from real South Dakotans!

  • With Paystubz You Get Real People and Real Answers…Real Fast.

    “My favorite feature of Paystubz is the support I receive. I call them up and a live person from South Dakota answers the phone. I get right to the person who does what needs to get done.”
    George Kenzy--President and CEO--First Fidelity Bank, Burke, SD

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  • Paystubz Handles 100% of Your Payroll Tax Compliance

    “Paystubz is reliable, knowledgeable and has gone the extra mile in meeting our varied needs. The way I see it, we can’t afford NOT to outsource our payroll to Paystubz.”
    Amy Gusso-- V.P. of Accounting and MIS-- Legacy Service Group

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  • Clouds

    Saving You Time, Money and Effort

    “The time I spent on payroll was horribly cost inefficient. The time now freed has allowed me to either work more on what I am trained to do or spend more time with my family, both investments that far outweigh doing payroll.” Dr. Joe Kieffer – Kieffer Family Dental – Rapid City, SD

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